Reiki & Chakras


Reiki is an alternative healing practice that focuses on clearing our chakras. By clearing them, we release the negative energy that causes emotional stress as well as physical ailments. Reiki can benefit everyone, from those simply looking to relax, to those struggling with mental and physical symptoms.

Symptoms of Unbalanced Chakras

Crown- feeling isolated, lack of purpose, disconnected from your higher self, depression

Third Eye- ​disconnected from intuition, worried for the future, poor memory, headaches

Throat- social anxiety, suppressed feelings, clearing your throat often, sore throat

Heart- feeling unlovable, being fearful of relationships, judgemental, jealousy

Solar Plexus- ​not feeling "good enough", digestive disorders, low self-confidence, lack of energy/drive

Sacral- detached from emotion, low libido, experiencing a lack of creativity, pelvic-abdominal pain

Root- concerned about finances, "fight, flight, freeze" mode, no sense of belonging, burnout, general instability

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