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Light Your Path


Holiday Packages

Give the gift of healing

Introductory Bundle


(That's $35 in savings!)

This package includes:

x1 One Hour Distance Reiki Treatment

x1 One Hour Custom Meditation & Mindfulness Class (Virtual)

Introductory Bundle

Investment Bundle


(That's $55 in savings!)

This package includes:
x3 One Hour Distance Reiki Treatment

x3 One Hour Custom Meditation & Mindfulness Class (Virtual)

x3 Custom recorded meditations

A Meditation Journal & Workbook

Investment Bundle

Gift Certificates

In the "Notes" please provide your name, the name of the recipient, and your email.
Gift certificates will be emailed to you to send to your loved ones directly.

$25.00 Gift Certificate
$50.00 Gift Certificate
$100.00 Gift Certificate


Reiki is an alternative therapy practice that helps with everything from stress reduction and emotional healing, to easing physical symptoms. Although it is not a replacement for modern day medicine, Reiki treatment can have amazing results when practiced along with other therapies.

While Reiki is considered a spiritual practice, it is not a religion. This alternative therapy is suitable for people of all ages and beliefs.

A Reiki treatment lasts for one hour and can be hands on or hands off depending on the needs and comfort of the client. Distance healing is also available.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness is the practice of intentional awareness of your thoughts, feelings, sensations, and surrounding environment. By using a variety of techniques, we practice the art of being present.

By incorporating meditation and mindfulness into our daily lives we can significantly reduce stress, feel more relaxed, and learn to be more present in our actions.

In a one hour session, we will focus on why you want to incorporate this into your life and what benefits you want to see. Over a course of 6 sessions, I will provide you with the tools and resources you need to master the art of mindfulness and meditation.

Service Prices

Distance Reiki Treatment


Per 1-Hour Distance Treatment 

Single Virtual Meditation

& Mindfulness Class


Per 1-Hour Virtual Class

Virtual Meditation &

Mindfulness Course


Package of 6 1-Hour Classes

(That means you get one class for free!)

1-Hour Distance Reiki Treatment

1-Hour Virtual Meditation & Mindfulness Class

Package of 6 1-Hour Virtual Meditation & Mindfulness Classes

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